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Occupational Therapy for kids

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occupational therapy for kids

Occupational Therapy helps children to do what they need to do and want to do. OT looks not only at the child, but what they do (their ‘occupations’) and how they do it. Your OT will work with you and your child to encourage success in a meaningful way. Don’t be surprised when you discover that most of the therapy will be play-based. OT’s love to play because not only is it fun, but because it’s what kids do! Your OT will get to know your child, what they like, what they don’t, and incorporate this into the therapy to make it meaningful and easy for you and your child.

Occupational therapy is always a ‘team effort’. As much as your OT will work with your child, it’s about what you do at home to reinforce the strategies. You can expect to learn and grow as a parent, and work with your child to foster self-confidence, knowledge and independence.

A lot of people ask ‘what is occupational therapy?’, and the easiest response is ‘we do a bit of everything!’. If you and your child have a goal, 9 out of 10 times, an OT can work with you to achieve success.

At KinderCloud, we provide occupational therapy via skype to children all over Australia. Our Director, Aimee York has a special interest area in work with children with sensory processing challenges and/or Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Sensory Processing Disorder: Our OT’s specialise in identifying children with sensory processing concerns. Take the quick quiz below to see if your child has difficulty processing sensory information.

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