Why Skype Consultations?

Skype Consultations – Why Not?

For those unable to access occupational therapy services due to geographical location, or those simply wishing to have the convenience of a quick, easy and efficient alternative to face-to-face occupational therapy, we offer e-consultations over Skype to provide essential allied health services to children all over Australia.

Aren’t face-to-face sessions better for my child?

In some complex cases that require physical therapy, yes. But for many, Skype is just as effective (if not, better) for many children. Skype offers consultations in the comfort of the child’s own home, without further distraction of a new environment. It is cheaper, so parents and carers can fund more sessions and provide more help to their child. Skype consultations involve the whole family, so parents become educated on how therapy is going, and what they can do at home to help.

Why KinderCloud?

We are unique, we are leading the market in online allied health consultations, and we are providing the highest quality service to you. All of our health professionals are fully qualified and registered, and have a strong passion for working with children. You can read more about them here. We are committed to helping your child and your family live a more harmonious, happy life.


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What are the benefits for my child?

  • Instant therapeutic advice to assist your child to be successful in any area of life
  • Provision of personalised resources emailed directly to you
  • Seamless communication with other health professionals that are looking after your child
  • Strategies to help your child self-regulate their emotions and energy levels

What are the benefits for me?

  • Quick and easy – no need to travel to see a therapist
  • Highest quality care from the comfort of your own home
  • Individualised and personalised service in the comfort of your own home
  • No risk of a session being cut short or the therapist running late
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