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Skype Therapy for Children

Occupational Therapy

Efficient & Convenient Effective Treatment Cost Effective Clear Communication
Occupational Therapy via Skype saves time Occupational Therapy is effective Occupational Therapy is cost-effective Occupational Therapy involves clear communication

Our Occupational Therapists will help your child

  • Gain Social Skills and confidence
  • Help them look after themselves (toileting, dressing, feeding)
  • Improve Fine Motor skills in order to write, tie shoelaces and do buttons
  • Help Sensory Processing Challenges
  • Improve general motor coordination and Gross Motor skills
  • Help improve Emotional Regulation and reduce meltdowns
  • Increase age-appropriate Play Skills

Our Therapeutic Services  include

  • Formalised Handwriting Assessment and Intervention – speed, legibility, quality, age-appropriateness
  • Standardised Sensory Processing Assessment and Intervention
  • Specialised Home Programs to follow up with to boost therapy at home
  • Collaboration with Teachers and other Service Providers for holistic care for your child
  • Reports to assist with diagnosis and continued care
  • Workshops and education for Parents and Teachers

Our Point of Difference

  • KinderCloud specialises in Skype, we are purely online only to provide world-wide care. We have clients in Malaysia, Thailand and Sri Lanka,  and families from rural New South Wales and Queensland who rely on our services.
  • KinderCloud OT’s are fully registered and qualified with experience in paediatrics to provide the best quality care.
  • Skype provides a flexible setting for therapy – with you being able to receive therapy out of the comfort of your own home.

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