KinderCloud FAQ & FaHCSIA Funding

Frequently Asked Questions

Funding Options:

1. Private Health Insurance

Rebates may be claimable from private health funds. You need to call your health fund in advance to see if this is the case. Ensure you mention the session is not face-to-face, but via Skype. Clients will need to discuss with their health fund regarding how much they can claim back from their fund, as there are wide variations according to the fund and the level of cover.

2. FaHCSIA Funding

There is funding available from the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) under the Helping Children with Autism package as well as the Better Start Initiative package.

KinderCloud is an approved provider for the Helping Children With Autism (HCWA) and Better Start (BS) Early Intervention Initiative. This is also referred to as FaHCSIA Funding.  This plan entitles children under 7 years of age who have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (including other diagnoses such as Pervasive Developmental Delay) to a total of $12,000.  No more than $6000 can be used per financial year.  Up to $2100 of this yearly budget able to be used towards the purchase of resources and equipment that has been approved by your child’s therapist.  To access this funding you are required to have seen an Austism Advisor prior to your child’s sixth birthday.  The Autism Advisor will provide a ‘Letter of Introduction’ that must be brought to your therapy session.

KinderCloud can process your claims and use your funding to pay for your sessions and order resources.

Administration Fee: Please note that a small admin fee applies to FaHCSIA (HCWA or BSI) funded sessions and resource claims. 

For more information see this website: https://www.dss.gov.au/our-responsibilities/disability-and-carers/program-services/for-people-with-disability/early-intervention-services-for-children-with-disability

Below are  answers to some more of our most commonly asked questions:

1. How much does a consultation cost?

Occupational Therapy

50 minute consultation – $140.00

50 minute consultation (FaHCSIA clients) – $170

Reports – $80.00 (full assessment report), or $40.00 (summary and recommendations only)


2. Does my child need to be present for the consultation?

Your health professional will recommend what is best and who is required for each session. For the first session you as the main parent/carer will need to be present.


3. Why do I have to pay before my consultation? 

Payment is required prior to your appointment to confirm your spot. Our health professionals have very full diaries and their time is valuable. Payment provides each of our health professionals peace of mind that their time will not be wasted if a client does not show for their appointment. It also guarantees those families and children an appointment instead of it being wasted.


4. I love what you do! How can I tell more people about your services?

Thank-you! We love what we do too :) You are more than welcome to let us know your best email address and we will send you some flyers and other marketing resources for you to pass on to anyone else that may benefit from our services.


5. I have some positive/negative feedback to give, who is best to talk to about this?

We welcome all constructive feedback here at KinderCloud. Please email the director of the company, Aimee York, at aimee.york@kindercloud.com.au and she will receive your feedback with the utmost importance.



6. My internet is really bad and cuts out all the time, how can I access your services?

We will try our best to use Skype, however if there is continuous technical problems, then we can conduct the service via telephone or mobile phone. Any time taken to sort out technical issues will not be deducted from the time in your session (it will be made up or added to your next session), however phone calls out do incur a % surcharge. Alternatively to avoid the surcharge, you are welcome to call us on 0409 279 728.